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The website www.shopwhizzu.com is operated by Shopwhizzu ltd (we,us, our) which is  registered in England and Wales under company number 8722924. Our registered office is 57 Archway, Romford, Essex, RM3 7EH UK.  The VAT number is 182271512

Telephone number is 07949831805 and 01708501911

The contact details information can also be found on the following page shopwizzu.com.

These are the terms and conditions on which shopwhizzu provide service to its clients.


In order to use the services provided by shopwhizzu  ltd you must become a registered member of the site and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions which form a legal contract between you and us. You must ensure you read the terms carefully and make sure you understand them prior to ordering any services/goods through shopwhizzu site. Shopwhizzu reserves the right to amend the Terms from time to time therefore the client must ensure he understands the terms applicable at that time.
1. Shopwhizzu provides the following services to the clients of shopwhizzu site-shopping concierge services when the client authorises shopwhizzu to act as an agent placing an order with a supplier for specific goods. Shopwhizzu will purchase the goods on the client’s behalf and once the goods are received at our address, will arrange the postage of the goods to the client’s address.

-mail forwarding service, where the client purchases the goods directly from the third party and uses shopwhizzu virtual address for the subsequent delivery of these goods (after repackaging and goods consolidation if needed) to their delivery address.

1.1. The client must ensure the goods and the cost of its’ delivery to our address are fully paid for. Shopwhizzu will purchase the goods on client’s behalf only when the above condition is met.

1.2. Shopwhizzu will charge a client a fee for providing shopping concierge service (the full list of tariffs  and services can be found on  Rates page .

1.3. Shopwhizzu provides only visual inspections of the arrived goods and is not be liable for the quality or defects of purchased goods. Should such defects be identified shopwhizzu will notify the client immediately. The return postage (unless there is a free return label provided by the shop) is to be paid by the client should he decides to return the goods to the shop.

2. Shopwhizzu will purchase the goods in accordance to the information entered by the client on the order form.

2.1 The client is fully responsible for providing the correct and accurate information (article number, size, colour, link to the page, name) about the product he wants shopwhizzu to purchase on his behalf. 

2.2 Should the error occur the service fee will be retained and purchased products returned back to the seller at the client’s expense unless the client agree to keep the mistakenly purchased item.

3. Shopwhizzu is responsible for providing information about the status of the client’s order via email and change the status of the order on the client’s account.

4. Shopwhizzu stores delivered goods for free within first 90 days of the goods being delivered to our address. Should the client wish to store them for longer the charge is 0,10 per day per item.

4.1 Client is responsible for paying the parcel delivery charges within 14 days from the day the parcel is ready for postage and the bill has been produced. After that period the charge is £10 per parcel per extra week. 

5. The client is solely responsible for correctly stating the Delivery address and recipient name of the parcel. We only provide services where the Delivery address is outside the UK. Should we receive the request to post the items inside the UK we will dispose of the goods and shall not be liable for that to you.

5.1 Shopwhizzu is not liable for delays or incurred financial losses caused by the performance of postal services used by us. 

5.2 Shopwhizzu  will make sure the parcel posted to clients by us are packed and packaged in accordance with the postal services current rules and regulations. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us in case special packaging is required prior to the parcel being posted to the client’s address.

5.3 Where you place an order with the supplier using mail forwarding services it is your responsibility to state shopwhizzu address correctly. We do not take responsibility for incorrectly stated addresses by the clients and lost parcels as a result of it.

5.4 In case of a lost parcel posted by us to the client we take all the usual required measures to locate the parcel and if it becomes not possible to claim the compensation on your behalf. Should you wish us to make a claim you must notify us in writing within 14 days of the expected delivery of the goods.

5.5 Once we receive the insurance pay out we will forward it to the client deducting the transfer fee only.

6. All parcels posted by Royal mail under 2 kg are automatically insured for £50 as standard with extra compensation up to £250 to protect valuable items against loss or damage. The client must notify us in advance should he wish to take up an extra insurance.

6.1 The client must ensure he is aware of the goods/products that are not covered by the insurance as well restricted and prohibited items for postage by postal services.

6.2. We recommend using video recording at the time of opening the received parcel. The complaints about the missing/damaged items will be considered only in cases when a full video is provided.

7. Shopwhizzu do not order, purchase, deliver or post any items prohibited or restricted for purchase, consumption, postage or delivery in UK or in any other countries.  The clients must not arrange for any fit into the above criteria goods to be sent to us or place any orders for such goods. This includes for example, stolen goods, weapons, illegal or prescription drugs, offensive material. If restricted or prohibited goods are sent to us we will deal with them as we see fit charging you for any incurred costs and expenses.

7.1. The client is liable for paying on time all the incurred charges as well as import, export duties in accordance with the law of the country the goods are delivered in.

7.2. It is the client’s responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which the goods are being delivered.

8. The client agrees not to use the shopwhizzu services directly or indirectly for any unlawful purpose, nor to cause offence or distress. Shopwhizzu may refuse to provide service to a client at our own discretion whose action, orders or behaviour on the website arouses suspicion or deemed offensive.

9. Shopwhizzu is responsible for informing the client once the parcel has been posted providing tracking number with the information on where to track the parcel.

10.Shopwhizzu does not provide the service of parcel collection by the customers or their representatives. 

11. On demand we can repack the already packed parcel for extra fee (see the full list of tariffs on our rates page). 

12. We will make every effort to post the packed and prepared parcel (once it has been paid for) to the client within 3 working day. However due to unforeseen circumstances and delays caused by third parties it may be delayed. In this case shopwhizzu will notify the client providing the new time frame for the postage.

13. We are not liable for discrepancies in the description of the goods on the third party websites.

14. Shopwhizzu is not liable for the quality of the purchased goods/products through Third Party websites.

15.  On request of the client and for an additional fee shopwhizzu can post the purchased goods back to the seller provided they have not been posted to the client yet. However, the client will be liable for the postage cost. In this instance shopwhizzu will retain the fee paid for the concierge service.

16. For mail forwarding services the client must ensure he provides us with all necessary documentation prior to gaining authorisation to send goods onto our address.  

16.1The client must also inform us what is expected to be delivered. 

16.2 Should we not receive all the necessary information we reserve the right to send all the delivered goods back to the seller or refuse to accept them at the time of delivery.

16.3 For purchasing the goods using mail forwarding service the client must use a credit/debit card registered to his address under his name only.

17. When goods are purchased outside the UK the client must pay all the import duties
How we process and store information on you.

18. Shopwhizzu LTd works to ensure your personal data is protected when using our services.
For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Shopwhizzu LTD.

The data that we collect from you is stored within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) but may also be transferred to and processed in a country outside of the EEA. We will take every possible step to ensure that your data is treated securely.

We will collect personal data that you submit to us such as delivery address, details of the orders, date of birth, name in order to fulfil your orders and manage your personal accounts. 

18.1 We do not store your credit/debit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

18.2 We ensure that all information is sent in encrypted form. This means that the information relating to your orders is passed through a secure connection and that your personal data cannot be read by external parties.

18.3 All payment transactions will be processed on our behalf by PayPal.  This means that you provide your credit/debit card details directly to PayPal  and never revel them to us. PayPal operates a secure server to process your payment detail encrypting your credit/debit card information and authorises payment.

We recommend that you never communicate your card details to anyone (including us) via email. We cannot be held responsible for any losses you may incur in transmitting information by internet links or emails.

19. The site shopwhizzu include links to other websites which do not fall under our supervision. We cannot accept any responsibility for the protection of privacy or the content of these websites, but we offer these links to make it easier for our visitors to find more information about specific products.

19.1 It is the client’s responsibility to read the email send by shopwhizzu in regards to the orders.

19.2 Client must inform shopwhizzu should the email address be changed as soon as possible to ensure he  receives a  timely communication from us.

20. You shopwhizzu account is not transferable to Third parties for use. We strongly recommend to keep the password secure and not to pass on details relating to your membership to anyone.

20.1 This is a sole responsibility of the client to keep his account password secure.

20.2 The client is responsible for any orders placed under his name in his account.

20.3 Client must not change his name in his account unless it has been officially changed and he informs shopwhizzu providing a proof of the name change.

21.  The name of the cardholder whose card is used for purchased goods must be the same as the client’s name on the account.

22. Should the client pay for his purchase using PayPal the goods can be posted only to the address shown on the  paypal account.

23. Shopwhizzu may use your personal information for business analysis purposes, to improve the service we provide to you and speed up your searches.

24.The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to access information held about you. The right of access can be exercised in accordance with that Act.

24.1 The client has the right to prevent us from using his personal data for marketing purposes. We will usually inform you prior to collecting your data if we have an intention to use your data for such purposes.

25. By pressing the “ I accept” button at the end of this Terms and Conditions the client acknowledges that he is at least 18 years old and he understands and agrees to these terms and conditions. Shopwhizzu does not provide services to clients who do not meet these criteria.

26. Before you place an order on our website we recommend you to check the Rate , Tariffs and Delivery pages on the website to obtain an indicative price for your purchase.

27. Should you wish to cancel the order you have just placed you can still do that by dropping an email to us. If we have not placed an order by that time, we will cancel the order refunding the funds back onto your account.  If the order has been placed already with the Third party, we will only be able to refund you once we receive, return your goods and get the refund back from the shop. On this occasion fee for our concierge service will not be refundable.

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